Box washer: 8 tips for choosing

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Deciding on an industrial box washer has implications for production, storage and logistics. It is especially important in sectors where hygiene is a critical success factor, such as processing and transporting meat, fish, fruit and other food products. A box washer ensures that both boxes and products are cleaned and sanitized with quality and efficiency. Here are 8 key tips for choosing the right industrial box washer for your business.

1. Wash quality

This is the first and most important factor when choosing a box washer. Industrial washing machines must effectively clean boxes with water jets, brushes and chemicals. Measuring the amount of light reflected from a surface is an effective way to measure wash quality. The more lumens reflected by a box, tool or utensil, the better, a sign that there are no bacteria on the surface absorbing the light.

This is a key indicator to understand if the box washer is enough for your business. Naturally, certain sensitive areas follow tighter criteria. Before choosing, check with the supplier how many lumens are emitted from washed surfaces. The MultiWasher, a state-of-the-art washing machine created by Somengil, performs a complete wash. It is especially important in sectors where safety is a critical factor, such as healthcare (in non-surgical areas), pharma or food companies.

2. Cleaning capacity

Cleaning capacity is one of the most important factors when choosing an industrial box washer. Check whether the machine provides thorough and efficient cleaning in large volumes. Calculate the number of boxes that need to be washed in a single cycle and check if the washer can do so.

The MultiWasher can sanitize large volumes of boxes and all kinds of other utensils with a combination of hot water, pressure and detergent. As a result, the washing process is perfect and frees up human resources for higher value-added tasks.

3. Size of boxes

The size of the boxes is another factor to consider when choosing a washer. Check if the machine can accommodate the dimensions of the boxes you use in your business, making sure there is enough space for a full wash. Also, leave enough room to integrate any changes. It is important that the equipment is flexible enough to respond to different sizes and types of boxes to reduce downtime.

The MultiWasher is available in various sizes and can be adapted to suit the needs of each installation.

4. Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient industrial washing machines reduce operating costs and environmental impact. To do so, equipment should use the minimum amount of water, detergent and energy required to achieve perfect washing results.

The MultiWasher can cycle through multiple washes using the same water. It sanitizes industrial bins (and any other type of utensils) using 66% less water and 70% less detergent than any other industrial solution on the market. With this equipment, companies aiming at carbon neutrality can make their washing processes more effective and efficient.

5. Ease of use

Industrial washing machines should be simple to use. The most advanced machines have intuitive controls to streamline the washing process and reduce the need for operator training. The machine should make it easy to access and load the boxes, minimizing operator movements. Automated features can also simplify washing and reduce operator involvement. A box washer with automation increases efficiency, saves time, and minimizes human error.

The MultiWasher is a prime example. Operators can set washing parameters on an intuitive dashboard and start washing cycles with just a few clicks. It makes use of advanced sensors to link production processes and optimize critical washing factors, such as time, temperature, duration and detergent.

6. Simplicity of maintenance

Proper maintenance of an industrial box washer ensures its continued performance and extends its lifespan. Check for diagnostic features that make it easy to identify and solve problems, such as fault detection sensors, control panels with error code displays, and alert systems. These features help identify problems at an early stage, before they become more serious.

The MultiWasher is equipped with sensors that track the most important variables of each washing cycle. Automatic collection of info, like temp, water & humidity levels, lets you know when operations differ from normal.

7. Advanced safety mechanisms

Safety is a key concern when choosing an industrial box washer. It involves the protection of operators and compliance with safety regulations. As such, washing machines must prevent accidents with sensors and emergency stop systems. These advanced equipments should also incorporate adequate containment systems to prevent leaks.

The MultiWasher has closed washing circuits preventing the operator from coming into direct contact with water and detergent. There is no danger of leaks or indoor air contamination, and significantly less risk of developing occupational diseases.

8. Customization options

If the box washer has customization features, you can adapt the machine to the specific needs of your company. Parameters such as washing speed, water pressure, temperature and cycle time can therefore be optimized to ensure a higher level of box washing.

The MultiWasher can automatically configure and adapt all these parameters, ensuring no more than the required amounts of resources to achieve the optimal washing results. This simplifies the process and, above all, ensures a high level of administrative accuracy.

MultiWasher, the next generation box washer

With these tips, you can make an informed choice and pick an industrial case washer that meets your needs with top performance. The MultiWasher reduces operating costs, increases productivity, ensures product quality and safety, and ensures environmental sustainability. This state-of-the-art equipment is already making a difference in washing processes in various industries, such as Meat and Fish, Bakeries and Pastries, Fruit and Vegetables and Retail and Logistics, among others. Get in touch with our experts and see the MultiWasher in action, with no obligation, in a webinar demonstrating its features and benefits.

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