“The MultiWasher is a reference wherever I go”

david borges
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“I work in the Nordic market, from Denmark to Russia. As an Export Manager at Somengil, I had the opportunity to meet people in different parts of the world. When I started, I didn’t expect that warm welcome so typical of Southern Europe. But I’ve found that there is something everyone values no matter where you go.

I have seen first-hand the true importance of personal relationships in countries as different as Belarus or Ukraine. In fact, it’s a secret that has nothing mysterious about it: it is simply a matter of trust, of human connection. Sometimes, it’s a smile that makes the difference. In other cases, you must stand for what you believe in. In my line of work, people value your clear and direct feedback, if you keep it positive and constructive.

And so, over time, I started to get to know the customers and partners a little better. And with the strengthening of personal relationships, I discovered genuine personalities, a true respect for people and an uncompromising appreciation for the environment.

This presence “on the ground”, side-by-side with installers, technical teams, operators, managers and so many other people with such distinct backgrounds gave me unique insights into different cultures. And about what really matters to the people in each country.

There are, of course, differences. Cost reduction is not the main focus in all markets. An example of this is the Russian market, where the costs of water, electricity, gas or even the staff’s wages in the washing area are lower. Therefore, in this market, our focus is to increase the quality of the final product by washing the components or utensils that are directly linked to their manufacture.

With Nordic markets, where all the factors mentioned above are extremely high, efficiency is the biggest concern. In these countries, the MultiWasher represents a cost reduction of around 50%. Multiwasher’s high washing capacity, plus low water and detergent consumption, is key.

But there is also much in common: the concern about efficiency and the growing awareness of environmental issues. The Multiwasher guarantees our customers the best of both worlds.

This machine spends on average 8 liters of water per wash cycle as it reuses the highly filtered water from the tank. What is the reason behind its unique washing capacity? It’s due to the meticulous design of our trolleys. This is how we can reduce our customers’ ecological footprint and achieve these benefits.

Despite our relevant presence in digital channels, there is still a need for customers to meet in person to test the Multiwasher. This is a totally understandable factor, both due to the size of the equipment and the curiosity of testing before acquisition.

At the meeting, customers see the processes of washing and disinfection of utensils. It is the best way to get to know how effective it is. This is where the proximity between the Somengil team and the client makes all the difference.

What does the future hold for us? Who knows! Every day, we work with universities, partners and clients to improve our machines. This is what we believe and what I try to explain to those I visit from Minsk to Vladivostok: we do not stop.”

David Borges, Export Manager

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