“Multiwasher is tailor made to our clients’ needs”

davide sturla
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“I joined Somengil in 2020.

It was a challenging time for any company, but especially in areas with a direct impact on people’s health and well-being, such as retail and the food industry.
Most of my clients operate in these sectors. From the onset of the pandemic, they tested my ability to adapt every single day.

At the time, I thought little of it, but today I see (and hope) my contributions helped them make better business decisions.

Over the past two years, I worked as Area Manager for France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Middle East and, more recently, Italy – where I live. In my current position, I oversee Somengil’s expansion in this large market.

Between business trips, meetings with customers, partners and sellers, preparation of technical proposals and CRM planning and management, I try to keep a human approach. For instance, I make a point of monitoring first-hand the quality of services provided in the field – long after the first commissioning.

It is reassuring to know that there were aspects that did not change after the most critical phase of the pandemic. The topics that worried most of my clients before Covid are the same as today. The concern with sustainability, resource optimization, efficiency, high performance and ergonomic solutions that improve workers’ conditions.

At Somengil we can meet all these needs of our customers, with the Multiwasher and Multiwasher healthtech – our best-selling industrial washing equipment.

During meetings and live demos, my partners and customers quickly understand how Somengil has solutions designed for companies with different needs, processes and requirements.

We don’t just sell great equipment – we also continuously monitor performance on a technical, operational and strategic levels. This proximity allows us to be always evolving, and to update the quality and effectiveness of our services.

I am proud to say that my clients have 100% confidence in Somengil, because they know we are always at their side, ready to develop new and more sophisticated solutions.”

Davide Sturla, Area Manager

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