European funds: 8 options for food companies

fundos europeus
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Advance innovation, digitalization and internationalization are goals common to every food company, but big changes often require big capital. That is why European funds are so important. They offer opportunities to modernize industrial processes, acquire advanced equipment and improve efficiency. These are the funds you can apply for.

1. Portugal 2030 for Low Density Territories, the European fund that strengthens the country’s competitiveness

Portugal 2030 is focused on five strategic objectives: a smarter, greener, more connected, more social Europe that is closer to its citizens. It will run until 2027 and applications close on December 15, 2023, but may reopen in the future.

The government is working on specific policies and measures to revitalize and develop geographic areas with low population density. To this end, various initiatives are planned, from investments in infrastructure, local entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism and local economic sectors. Operations that improve the productive capacities of SME and to develop innovative, digital and sustainable solutions are eligible for support. You can find all the information here.

Food companies in low-density areas can use this financial support to invest in technologies that improve the efficiency, quality, safety and competitiveness. The MultiWasher, an industrial washing machine developed by Somengil, ensures that utensils and equipment are always clean and in compliance with food safety standards. This fund supports the purchase of this machine and companies looking to make their washing process more efficient and sustainable.

2. Portugal 2030 for Other Territories, the European fund supporting the new energy transition

European Funds also apply to other territories that do not meet the low-density requirements. One of the main objectives is to encourage companies to transition to a greener, more sustainable economy. Climate change and sustainability are in the spotlight and investing in sustainable technology is not just an ethical choice, but an urgent necessity.

Companies can channel this fund into more sustainable equipment to reduce their environmental impact. You can find all the information on this notice. It’s an opportunity for food companies to invest in more efficient equipment, such as the MultiWasher. Purchasing this industrial washing machine under this fund helps companies reduce their environmental impact, improves operational efficiency, reduces long-term costs and increases competitiveness.

3. European Regional Development Fund, the European efficiency fund

The European Regional Development Fund aims to balance various European regions in terms of competitiveness and sustainability. The end goal is a zero-carbon economy. Potential beneficiaries include SME, micro-enterprises, social economy companies and associations which, with this fund, can invest in equipment that enables them to:

  • Promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Advance renewable energy.
  • Develop intelligent energy systems.
  • Support the transition to a circular and resource-efficient economy.

The MultiWasher provides intelligent energy consumption, reduces water and detergent consumption, minimizes maintenance and improves efficiency. In short, it helps companies reduce their environmental impact.

4. European Social Fund, the European fund that promotes opportunities

The European Social Fund’s budget is earmarked for social, employment, education and skills policies. The aim is to reduce unemployment, level out educational opportunities and improve social inclusion and integration.

Regarding employment opportunities, the fund supports the modernization of institutions and services related to the labour market, as well as the adaptation of workers, companies and entrepreneurs to changes. The MultiWasher helps food companies become more competitive and focused on value-added activities, thereby creating more opportunities for growth and employment. It can be integrated into this fund.

5. Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), the fund that supports farming

The Common Agriculture Policy aims to guarantee a stable supply of food, preserve farmers’ incomes, protect the environment and maintain the dynamism of rural areas. There are 3 pillars underpinning this fund:

  1. Promoting the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry.
  2. Ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources and climate action.
  3. Achieve a balanced development of rural economies and communities.

One of its priorities is to promote the efficient use of resources and support the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy in the agricultural, food and forestry sectors. This is where the MultiWasher can make a difference. Since it uses less water, energy and detergent, it helps food companies come closer to carbon neutrality.

6. European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, the European fund that helps the oceans

The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund helps fishermen adopt sustainable fishing practices and coastal communities to diversify their economy, improving the quality of life on Europe’s coastline. It finances projects and initiatives that are aligned with these objectives:

  • Sustainable fishing, to support the conservation of fish stocks and protect the marine ecosystem.
  • Competitive, sustainable and innovative aquaculture, to promote sustainable and competitive practices.
  • Support for small-scale coastal fishing communities, with the aim of enabling the socio-economic development of businesses that depend on fishing activities.
  • Data collection to support the management of fishing practices and the conservation of marine resources.

This fund is available to public and private companies, research institutions and non-governmental organizations working in fishing, aquaculture and marine development. One of the ways companies can become more competitive, sustainable and innovative is by using equipment with a reduced ecological footprint, as is the case with MultiWasher.

7. Horizon Europe, the European fund that promotes innovation

Horizon Europe is the European fund that supports investment in science, research and innovation, financing projects that aim to boost scientific excellence and promote technological advances in Europe. This fund focuses on tackling global challenges such as climate change, energy security, an ageing population and digital transformations.

The program is structured around three main pillars:

  • Scientific excellence, funding projects led by the scientific community in areas of strategic interest.
  • Global challenges and industrial competitiveness, supporting research that solves social and industrial issues, improving the competitiveness of European industry.
  • Innovation and market practices, promoting innovative activities and entrepreneurship that convert new ideas into marketable products and services.

MultiWasher helps innovative companies achieve challenging competitiveness and growth objectives, so it is eligible for this fund.

8. European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

The European Agriculture Fund for rural development is one of the European Union’s structural funds designed to promote sustainable development in rural areas. It supports projects and initiatives aimed at improving the competitiveness of agriculture, promoting the sustainable management of natural resources and achieving balanced economic development in these areas.

The activities financed by the fund include:

  • Support for the modernization of farms, encouraging the adoption of advanced technologies and sustainable farming practices, which includes the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment such as the MultiWasher.
  • Financing agricultural practices that protect the environment, promote biodiversity, sustainable water management and reduce pesticide and fertilizer use.
  • Support for the development of small and medium-sized rural businesses, including rural tourism, crafts and other local economic activities.
  • Encouraging economic diversification in rural areas, promoting non-agricultural activities to reduce exclusive dependence on agriculture.
  • Financing basic infrastructure in rural areas, such as roads and sanitation networks, helping to improve the quality of life in these areas.
  • Support for training farmers and rural entrepreneurs to boost sustainable development.

MultiWasher, the smart and sustainable strategy for food companies

With these funds, the EU is taking steps to fight climate change and preserve the planet for future generations. Food companies, aware of their environmental footprint, now have the opportunity to be part of this revolution by adopting greener practices and technologies.

So, if you’re looking for the right opportunity to make the leap, take advantage of these European Funds. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about how to take advantage of European funds to invest in the MultiWasher industrial washing machine and make your processes more efficient, environmentally friendly and flawless.

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