IBA 2023: 3 of baking hottest trends

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Every three years, IBA brings together professionals, companies and experts from all over the world to discuss the latest global trends in baking and confectionery. Somengil was there to share the Smart Wash philosophy, in which technology and intelligent systems come together to make industrial washing processes more efficient and safer. These were the highlights of IBA 2023.

3 key trends from IBA 2023

IBA sets global standards for the baking industry and is a source of inspiration for anyone who attends. From the many topics discussed, these are 3 highlights that will define the coming years.

1. Artisan baking

Consumers are increasingly interested in the authenticity and origin of the ingredients they use. Artisanal and high-quality products are being recognized and valued in several countries, paving the way for options that balance traditional and modern techniques. The aim is not only to preserve tradition, taste and texture, but also to incorporate contemporary approaches that optimize efficiency and quality. In short, a hybrid approach that respects traditions while embracing innovation.

This was one of the most discussed topics at IBA 2023: a greater focus on quality, authenticity and sensory experience that only artisanal products can provide.

2. Sustainability and digitalization

Sustainability and digitalization took center stage at this edition of IBA, with special emphasis on regional and seasonal products, eco packaging and production methods that save energy and resources. At the same time, digitalization and automation were also in focus, with the latest technologies and equipment displaying new way to improve operational efficiency and optimize processes.

From robots working in bakeries to new self-service solutions, or new means of payment, there were several demonstrations that opened up prospects for the future of the baking industry.

3. Smart Wash

Another highlight of IBA 2023 was Smart Wash technology, which is revolutionizing industrial washing. In addition to efficient water management, IoT devices that collect data and automated systems that dynamically adjust parameters such as water pressure and temperature are fundamental pillars of this key trend.

In addition, sensors and systems that monitor and control quality remotely will also be key to improve operational efficiency in the future. One of the highlights was the application of blockchain technology to document and verify processes, ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.

MultiWasher, the leading Smart Wash machine, was in the spotlight at IBA. It reflects our commitment to sustainability and quality in every aspect of the washing process. Watch the talk on Smart Wash.

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About IBA

IBA is the world’s largest trade fair dedicated to baking and confectionery and is held at the Munich exhibition center in Germany. In 2023, the event took place from October 22 to 26, and featured 10 pavilions and 1,073 exhibitors from 46 countries.

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