How to choose washing solutions for logistics companies

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Hygiene and washing are among logistics companies’ major challenges and are vital to ensure health, safety and operational efficiency. From essential technologies to water and energy consumption, not forgetting simplicity of use and design, find out what really matters when choosing the best industrial washing equipment – and what challenges it can solve.

Logistics industry: challenges in motion

Handling and moving involves major challenges from a washing point of view. These are some of the main ones.

1. Organic matter

Organic matter may enable bacterial growth and can lead to different microbiological challenges. For example, the hinges and corners of equipment and transport vehicles retain residual organic matter. Contrary to what many people imagine, this problem is exacerbated during the winter, when ice retains particles with a high viral load for prolonged periods.

2. Diversity of equipment

Equipment such as forklifts, conveyor belts, trolleys, pallets, and containers all have different surfaces and structures, making sanitization more complex. Wood and other highly porous materials, for example, are harder to clean of organic matter.

3. Time and productivity

Many logistics operations work around the clock to meet customers’ expectations. This means that equipment is in constant use. The need to maintain productivity can limit the time and resources available for washing procedures without compromising normal operations.

4. Preventing contamination

In food or pharmaceutical logistics, it is essential to ensure that equipment, utensils and tools are properly sanitized under current hygiene standards. Improper washing can lead to product contamination, resulting in financial losses and reputational damage.

5. Sustainability

More and more logistics companies are focusing on sustainability. Finding sanitization methods that are effective without negative environmental side effects is an additional challenge.

How to choose a washing machine for the logistics industry?

These are the most important aspects to consider when selecting an industrial washing machine.

1. Variety of equipment to be sanitized

Consider the tools, parts, utensils or products that will be washed. Some machines may be better suited to cleaning forklifts, pallets, conveyor belts or other specific equipment. Also, make sure that the machine can handle different materials, such as metal, plastic and rubber, without causing damage.

2. Size and weight

Assess the size and weight of the equipment to be washed. Make sure that the machine can be safely installed in your company’s space and that it is the right size for washing large pieces of equipment. The MultiWasher is available in various sizes and can also be customized to the needs of each installation, to suit people and processes.

3. Flexibility

Choose a washing machine that offers flexibility. The ability to adjust the pressure, temperature and chemicals  can be crucial to meet different cleaning requirements, while data logging in each cycle enables continuous optimization.

4. Energy efficiency

Traditional industrial washing machines consume large amounts of energy to heat the water, generate pressure and power other components. It is therefore essential to choose equipment that adjusts energy consumption based on specific washing needs.

5. Ease of use

Choose a washing machine that is easy to operate and can be used by anyone in your team. Simplicity is the foundation of efficiency and minimizes errors. Washing machine should allow staff to save programs, so they can quickly access what they are looking for, rather than having to manually configure wash parameters.

MultiWasher, the washing machine for the logistics industry

MultiWasher is an innovative industrial washing machine that helps logistics companies reach new heights of productivity, safety and sustainability. These are the main advantages for companies in this sector.

1. Unprecedented efficiency

The MultiWasher is designed to efficiently wash a wide variety of logistics equipment, quickly and consistently, saving time and labour.

2. Personalized washing

MultiWasher offers customizable settings, allowing companies to adjust pressure, temperature and detergent according to specific sanitation needs.

3. Perfect results

MultiWasher meets hygiene and health standards required in sensitive sectors, helping to minimize the risk of contamination.

4. Resource saving

MultiWasher features the latest industrial washing technology to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. It saves ⅔ of the water and 70% of the detergent. In addition, it sanitizes any tool or equipment using minimal amounts of energy.

Book a free webinar and see for yourself the impact this machine can have on your washing results, or contact our team.

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