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Meat and animal derivatives can be contaminated at any stage of production, often with dire consequences. According to data provided by the World Health Organization, around 420,000 people die each year from food poisoning, largely as the result of eating spoiled meat. Such estimates do not account for diseases such as tuberculosis, brucellosis, heart or kidney complications. Many of these cases could  be prevented with an industrial washing solution. Find out what to consider when choosing a washing solution for the meat industry.

What is an industrial washing machine?

A washing machine is designed to clean and sanitize appliances and utensils used in large-scale meat processing. They are specifically developed to meet the needs of rigorous sanitization, guaranteeing food safety and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004, for example, establishes guidelines for cutting and processing meat, including a hygiene plan for facilities, utensils, and equipment to ensure a public health protection.

What are the advantages of a washing machine for the meat industry?

A washing machine has several advantages for the meat industry, with a positive and measurable impact on several key performance indicators.

1. Higher product quality

Under favorable conditions, bacteria can accumulate in meat within a few minutes. Such high biochemical activity can deteriorate meat and render it uneatable. An industrial washing machine ensures thorough cleaning of equipment and utensils, efficiently removing residues and contributing to an unaltered taste.

2. Improved food safety

Industrial washing helps to prevent cross-contamination, minimizing the risk of proliferating bacteria and other microorganisms harmful to human health. As a result, product quality is improved, in line with health standards and consumer expectations.

3. Greater efficiency

Industrial washing machines are designed to optimize the washing process, carrying out the task quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources compared to other conventional methods. Complete, automated and customizable washing processes guarantee consistent and standardized results. With washing cycles suited to the utensils and the ability to sanitize several items simultaneously, teams can work with clean, ready-to-use tools, which optimizes workflow and increases operational efficiency.

4. Greater sustainability

Industrial washing machines can make a significant contribution to sustainability by using less water and reusing water from previous wash cycles. In addition, by adapting the temperature and amount of detergent to the type of product being washed, industrial washing machines optimize the use of such resources.

What to consider when choosing a washing machine for the meat industry?

There are several factors to consider to make sure that the washing machine is properly adapted to the needs of the meat industry.

1. Layout

Available space is an important factor to consider when choosing an industrial washing machine. Assess the size of the production and installation areas to determine the size and shape of the machine and ensure it fits adequately into the available space. In addition, it is important to consider the accessibility of the machine to facilitate the loading and unloading of equipment and utensils.

2. Type of utensils and equipment

Meat companies rely on a wide variety of utensils and equipment, such as knives, cutting boards, storage containers, hooks and trays. Ensure that the industrial washing machine has the appropriate resources to receive and wash these items efficiently.

3. Washing quality

Any industrial washing machine must be able to carry out a thorough and deep cleaning of utensils, effectively removing the most difficult and resistant residues, such as fat, blood and proteins.

4. Temperature control

Since meat is a perishable product, temperature plays a crucial role in food safety. The industrial washing machine must be able to control the temperature of the water during the washing process. In addition to helping dissolve and release residues, high temperatures also disinfect the utensils and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, reducing the risk of contamination.

Ibisma sausages: the best of technology and tradition combined

These are some of the criteria that lead companies like Ibisma S.L., a producer of Iberian sausages, to choose the MultiWasher, the next-gen industrial washing machine developed by Somengil. For Rosa González, Quality Director, efficiency and speed are important criteria, but it’s the reliability and washing quality that really make this machine an essential ally for cleaning utensils and equipment.

“We recommend the MultiWasher because it has never failed us. Before, we used to consume a lot of water and other materials every day to wash the cutter trolleys, stainless steel baths and plastic pallets, which meant that the workers had to spend time on this production. It used to take an employee 45 to 50 minutes to wash a tray, whereas at MultiWasher the washing is completed in 5 to 10 minutes.”

This is one of the measurable examples of how MultiWasher has revolutionized industrial washing in the meat industry.

MultiWasher, the partner for companies in the meat industry

The MultiWasher is already making a difference in the meat industry, helping companies guarantee food safety from farm to fork. The MultiWasher’s major points of technological innovation include:

  • Saves water, energy, detergent, manpower and time;
  • Washes every type of utensils and objects used in meat processing, such as cutter trolleys, meat transport trolleys, buckets, carts, cutting knives, steel mesh gloves and clothing, plastic boxes, pallets;
  • No pre-washing is required;
  • The utensils come out of the machine sanitized and dry, ready to be used.

If you’re looking to take your company’s washing to the next level and save time, money and effort, book a webinar and see for yourself the difference MultiWasher can make in your operations. Get in touch with our team and ask us for an industrial washing proposal tailored for your workflow.

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