MultiWasher featured in Bloomberg

multiWasher na bloomberg
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Sensors that do much more than measure. Machines that optimize themselves. Solutions that value every minute of human intervention. These features are part of the next generation of industrial washing machines, which is why Somengil was featured in Bloomberg’s Advancements with Ted Danson. Such innovations are crucial to disinfect every tool and equipment directly or indirectly involved in the food industry. The goal? Use flexible solutions to combat new sources of contamination and prevent food-born diseases.

But this wasn’t the only highlight of Bloomberg’s piece. The US network focused on the challenge of making the food industry more environmentally friendly. Here too, technology is key: new equipment can optimize energy consumption, use clean energy and promote the reuse of resources.

Somengil spoke to Bloomberg’s Advancements with Ted Danson about these and many other topics, from human creativity to artificial intelligence, to find new solutions to old problems.

Watch the episode and find out how far the performance and sustainability of a revolutionary washing machine can go.

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