Much more than AI: 5 major retail trends

tendncias de retalho
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In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of retail, the strategies and approaches that guaranteed success in the past are constantly being challenged by innovations and changing consumer preferences. These are 5 major retail trends that no company should miss out on.

1. Ergonomics: the foundation of a productive work place

According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, the losses generated by work-related illnesses amount to 3.9% of global GDP. It’s no secret that retail work presents a wide variety of potential injury risks – from handling heavy products to frequent repetition of quick tasks, such as the repetitive scanning of barcodes. When the human body is subjected to strenuous, repetitive tasks, with the risk of falls and trips, ergonomics in operations becomes a critical success factor.

One of the ways to increase ergonomics at work is to implement automated solutions that reduce the risk of accidents, while also optimizing efficiency. This is the case with MultiWasher, a high-performance industrial washing machine for retailers that improves the ergonomics (and therefore the efficiency) of processes. With this machine, loading and unloading operations are adjusted to the human body, minimizing repetitive movements with weights. Washing cycles can be started with just a few clicks. As washing takes place in a closed cabin, entire trolleys and even pallets can be loaded and washed, without the need to handle individual products or adopt incorrect postures. This protects employees’ health, motivation and productivity.

2. Hygiene and safety: the key to quality

The World Health Organization estimates that 600 million people fall ill after consuming contaminated food, resulting in 420,000 deaths every year. There are several causes to this problem – such as pathogenic microorganisms, allergens, genetic modifications, pesticides. However, experts are unanimous on the solution: hygiene is a key factor for food safety.

It is no wonder that retailers are under increasing pressure to adopt stricter hygiene practices and equipment, with protocols to control outbreaks and detect risks to prevent cross-contamination. MultiWasher responds to these concerns by sanitizing any utensil, tool or piece of equipment with a high level of automation, intelligent management of temperatures, water, energy and detergent. It can eliminate grease residues, waste, germs and bacteria, achieving perfect sanitization.

3. Productivity: overcoming a 30-year-old problem

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that productivity in retail has stagnated: there have been no significant increases for almost 30 years. This will be one of the major trends over the next few years: doing more with the same resources. And for this, the automation of repetitive tasks will be key to maximizing the value of operations and productivity.

This is where the MultiWasher makes a difference, especially in areas where hygiene is a critical success factor. This industrial washing machine can work uninterruptedly, efficiently and with high quality.

4. Sustainability: the trend that’s here to stay

According to Deloitte’s Sustainability Report 2023, 73% of retail CEOs have increased investments in sustainability in the last year, proving that this is a priority to secure a place in the economy of the future. The focus on sustainability is not new, but it is gaining more and more momentum in retail as consumers become more informed and demanding, forcing companies to make various efforts to adapt.

This is why many companies are choosing MultiWasher. This state-of-the-art industrial washing equipment uses less water, energy and detergent than any other solution on the market.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: more, better and faster

Digital transformation is increasing efficiency and quality in all sectors, and retail is no exception. A study by Accenture Research revealed that artificial intelligence has the potential to increase productivity in the sector by 38%. Advanced data systems and predictive analytics help companies make data-driven business decisions. The adoption of various technologies allows machines to share instructions, which opens the door to the development of new products, projects and production processes.

Industrial washing processes can also take a significant technological leap forward with the MultiWasher. This machine continuously collects the main data from each wash cycle – such as water pressure, temperature and the duration of the wash cycle – in order to adjust it to the type of utensils in each wash, without human intervention.

MultiWasher, the industrial washing solution for retailers

MultiWasher raises the standards of cleanliness, efficiency and sustainability, redefines the sanitizing experience, and gives retailers a competitive edge. Get in touch, watch this machine in action and see for yourself the impact it can have on your washing results and resource efficiency.

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