The all-new Multiwasher Healthtech, live at HostMilano

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We are proud to present our brand-new washing equipment for the healthcare sector at HostMilano international convention. This is the Multiwasher Healthtech.

HostMilano is an international fair dedicated to the professional food service and hospitality sectors. An event that takes place every two years, to connect companies in the field with potential customers looking for everything from raw materials to innovative equipment.

HostMilano’s 42nd edition takes place between 22 and 26 October 2021 in Milan (Italy). It is one of the largest conventions in the world, with a focus on trends, technologies and innovation.

While most fairs provide the opportunity to expand our knowledge in washing and industrial hygiene, HostMilano is special: it unites the primary references in the sector and is visited by many people but maintains its regional character.

Ordinarily, fairs are great places to meet partners and customers, generate leads and foster long-term relations with suppliers. These are the right moments to discuss trends, debate new ideas and get innovations juices flowing. But this edition is different.

This year, we will unveil our all-new washing equipment, dedicated to utensils, dishes and laundry supplies for the Healthcare sector. We call it Multiwasher Healthtech.

Multiwasher Healthtech: limitless efficiency

Multiwasher Healthtech is a high-performance industrial washing machine designed to ensure wash and disinfection quality during operations in hospitals around the world.

Its cabin shape ensures the perfect integration of food carts or laundry trays, to make a perfect disinfection of the material.

This equipment is designed to perform multipurpose tasks. Its technical features allow Multiwasher Healthtech to be used to wash and disinfect a full range of appliances and kitchen trolleys, as well as laundry accessories.

What materials can Multiwasher Healthtech wash?

Multiwasher Healthtech goes way beyond your average ware washing machine, at so many levels. In the kitchen, the Multiwasher washes everything from trays, to cookware and food delivery carts.

But the main advantage lays in its flexibility. Staff can use Multiwasher Healthtech to disinfect laundry equipment such as carts and trolleys.

Multiwasher Healthtech: sustainable washing

Multiwasher Healthtech is a multipurpose industrial washing equipment designed with the best technological, technical and environmental expertise:

  • It saves water–Multiwasher Healthtech uses 2/3 less water than similar industrial washing equipment;
  • Uses less detergent–it uses 70% less detergent during the washing cycle;
  • Costs less–it has a smart energy consumption system, so it uses less water and detergent and requires less maintenance.  

Multiwasher Healthtech guarantees complete washing and disinfection in hospital environments, while allowing institutions to save natural resources (e.g. water and energy).

Contact our team or schedule a custom webinar to see the difference.

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