“We achieved every goal we set last year “

tony ventura
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“I couldn’t be prouder of what we achieved together.

Last year, we faced some tough challenges. A global pandemic, for starters. A laser sharp focus on sustainability and healthcare like we had never seen before. And a renewed concern for the efficiency and performance of our products. For many, the combination of these factors could have been deadly. But not for this team.

This was the year that each of us showed our true worth. And thanks to that, we are stronger than ever. We had a year of expansion, new products, partnerships and markets. We have reinforced our presence in North, Central and Latin America. Established new partners from Norway to Chile. And widened our presence in Canada, the U.S. and Russia.

All this against the backdrop of a worldwide pandemic! We had to adapt and the only way to do it was with an extraordinary team that faced the situation head-on and continued to work with determination and focus.

Of course, this international presence poses enormous challenges. After all, each market has its own way of working. For example, some Middle Eastern customers take 8 to 10 years negotiating a new model. But that is exactly what allows us to keep up with international best practices and develop solutions that add value to our customers.

And that’s our secret to achieving remarkable feats, which will accompany me forever. We launched the Multiwasher Healthtech, a machine for the hospital sector, designed to wash food carts. We were at the largest world fair in the industry, HostMilano. And we have increased our presence in the Bakery sector, an essential area for the health and well-being of so many people and for which we develop innovative solutions.

Internally, we have implemented improvements to increase our production capacity. We’ve doubled production output and hired new employees who share our mindset and values. Also, we narrowed our eco footprint with more energy-efficient systems.

We have fulfilled every single goal we set out last year, but we know that there is much to be done. But we are ready to stop just yet – our customers and our partners are always there, pushing us to do more, to be better.

For 2022, we want to continue this path of growth. To do so, we are about to complete a new factory while optimizing internal processes, in a logic of continuous improvement that has always accompanied us. And we know the best is yet to come: we are working on new products that will transform the washing industry! I am sure that soon we will continue to surprise, grow and innovate.

To those who accompanied us on this trip, I have only one thing to say: Thank you. We count on everyone for what’s coming!”

Tony Ventura, Somengil’s CEO

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