COTEC awards Somengil Inovadora status

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The Inovadora COTEC Award recognizes the most innovative, competitive and sustainable companies in Portugal. It is one of the largest national innovation awards and has had more than a thousand applications in 2023. Somengil was one of the selected companies. Find out why.


COTEC is an association that promotes innovation and competitiveness through management and research best practices.

One of COTEC’s initiatives is the Inovadora COTEC Award, which annually rewards Portuguese companies with an active role in the technological development and economic advancement of the country. Among the main criteria for granting this recognition are high standards of financial stability and operational efficiency with the potential for technological innovation to generate sustained growth.

Why were we selected?

In 2023, Somengil received the Inovadora COTEC Award, a sign of public recognition for our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The award is due to the innovations incorporated in the MultiWasher, a state-of-the-art industrial washing machine that is revolutionizing washing in several sectors, especially those where quality and efficiency are critical success factors. This equipment is the result of years of continuous improvement, with the aim of simplifying and automating processes, valuing people’s time and making equipment more sustainable.

The use of resources is also guaranteed, not only to minimize waste, but also to protect the environment. With the MultiWasher, companies in all sectors can reduce their consumption of water, energy, and detergents, without compromising their bottom line. It was this combination of innovation and sustainability that led to the COTEC distinction.

Somengil beyond the award

Awards and recognition are important, but it is what is coming next that really excites us. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Advanced Robotics are paving the way for new levels of productivity and efficiency. We are already working to introduce a new generation of the MultiWasher with these features.

The Inovadora COTEC Award inspires us to continue to invest in research, and keep our focus on people. True breakthroughs require our equipment to adapt to people and processes, not the other way around.
If you want to elevate your industrial washing processes to perfection, contact our team of experts. Our washing equipment is bespoke to each installation. We perform virtual simulations of the interaction between the components, including the incidence of the washing jets on the objects to be washed. This way, you can count on a truly innovative and sustainable solution. A solution awarded by COTEC.

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