“We recommend the MultiWasher because it never failed us”

“Recomendamos a MultiWasher porque nunca nos falhou”
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Rosa Gonzalez Gomez; General Director at Ibisma, explains how the MultiWasher revolutionized ware washing in this meat processing company.

The benefits associated with the use of an industrial washing machine such as the MultiWasher are better told in person. These customers rely on Somengil as a trusted partner, focused on precision and efficiency. Together, we design and install sustainable and fast washing equipment, adjusted to each business model.

We interviewed Ibisma S.L., an Iberian ham processing company located in the northwest of Spain, in the autonomous community of Castile and León, more precisely in Salamanca. Ibisma has long been a reference in the food sector and in this conversation the company’s Quality Director, Rosa Gonzalez Gomez, explains how the partnership with Somengil was born. A first-hand account of the teams’ daily experience handling the MultiWasher.

Rosa Gonzalez Gomez is the General Director of Ibisma, a meat processing company. Having won national awards, the company is used to top-notch quality controls, efficiency standards and public scrutiny. Here’s why Ibisma chose the Multiwasher to bring ware washing into the XXI century.

SOM: What the origin of Ibisma?

IBIS: We are a ham and sausage factory in Salamanca. Our entire history revolves around this market in Spain, specifically in Salamanca. It all started many years ago, with my great-great-grandfather. He was the first to produce sausages in Ledrada (Salamanca). The business has been in the family for 5 generations.

SOM: Ibisma S.L. acquired one of Somengil’s industrial washing machines, the MultiWasher. Why did you choose Somengil?

IBIS: My father and sister heard about Somengil at a fair. There was a conversation and demonstration. Somengil’s team explained all the benefits associated with MultiWasher and its operation. After an analysis of the equipment, we purchased it. Basically, we bought The MultiWasher because there is no other equipment capable of washing so many different items, and so fast.

SOM: In what sense does the MultiWasher contribute to cost reduction in the company?

IBIS: We used to have an employee who cleaned and washed every day. Every day we spent and other material to clean several trays per day. This also implied loss of production time by the worker.

The major benefit of industrial washing is its speed. For example, an employee takes around 45 to 50 minutes to wash a tray by hand. With the MultiWasher, we finish the wash in 5 to 10 minutes.

It is a piece of equipment that cleans much more throughout the day.

We used to have employees washing Monday to Friday. Now, they only do it once or twice a week.

SOM: Regarding MultiWasher’s sustainability, what were the benefits?

IBIS: The plant must be washed frequently because of veterinary control issues. Instead of taking 45 minutes in an industrial wash, it takes much less time, reducing water and energy expenditure. This makes the entire process more sustainable.

SOM: You mentioned the MultiWasher is much faster than manual washing. What other advantages do you associate with this equipment in terms of productivity?

IBIS: Multiwasher saves us time–more specifically, it frees up people to do more value-added tasks. This was the main reason behind the acquisition of the MultiWasher.

SOUND: Would you recommend the MultiWasher? Why?

IBIS: I’ve had many people, many manufacturers who knew that we bought the machine and came to see it. We recommend it is a machine that has never malfunctioned or failed. We’ve been using it for a few years, and we have had no problems.

MultiWasher is a high-performance industrial washing appliance developed for the most demanding tasks where wash quality and machine performance are critical success factors. The MultiWasher is ergonomic and user-friendly, whilst delivering the best results. Get in touch or schedule a webinar to see the difference.

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