Multiwasher Healthtech: high-performance washing for the healthcare sector

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Meet the Multiwasher Healthtech, our all-new industrial washing machine, designed for the healthcare sector. These are its key advantages.

We are proud to introduce Multiwasher Healthtech’s state-of-the-art technology. A cabin-shaped equipment uniquely suited to the demands and standards associated with hospital operations. This is why we believe the new Multiwasher Healthtech will revolutionize washing and disinfection in healthcare.

Multiwasher Healthtech: a step ahead of the future in healthcare

We designed the Multiwasher Healthtech to address the specific requirements of washing and disinfecting carts and other utensils in departments such as hospital kitchens and laundries.

This machine has been a long time coming. The level of efficiency ensured in the washing, cleaning and disinfection processes has always been a major concern for the medical and hospital sectors. However, the Covid-19 pandemic raised the bar for accuracy and control in public health risk management. This drove us to design a washing equipment that met the needs of healthcare users.

Multiwasher Healthtech ensures the key productivity needs of its users, while reaching unmatched disinfection results. And it does so with an ergonomic, multi-purpose and sustainable design.

This is our latest installment in a long-standing tradition of innovation. We presented the new MultiWasher to the world last October, at the 42nd edition of the Host Milano International fair. Our presence at the fair, along with international partners and customers, enabled us to deliver a first-hand presentation of this industrial washing solution. We were proud to see a positive response from companies and institutions, vendors and customers, interested in quality and uncompromising performance.

Why choose the new Multiwasher Healthtech?

As with all innovations with Somengil’s DNA, the new Multiwasher Healthtech features precision washing, state-of-the-art technology and a clear orientation towards healthcare needs.

These are the major benefits of this equipment, which has a unique ability to achieve the highest quality and cost efficiency standards for cleaning and disinfection non-invasive equipment.


Multiwasher Healthtech’s closed cabin format ensures a quick and easy integration of kitchen or laundry equipment, delivery carts and other hospital utensils, so that they are thoroughly washed and disinfected.

The ease of integration allows several benefits for healthcare staff, such as:

  • Performing less washing tasks and more on value-added tasks, such as time with patients
  • Eliminating posture problems from repetitive washing without an ergonomic equipment
  • Skipping tasks with vibrations, heavy load or repetitive movements

Multiwasher Healthtech removes incompatibilities between work and worker, as it creates a more productive and safer work environment.


Multiwasher Healthtech can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, saving time and resources.

Its various features allow our industrial washing solution to appliances, carts and other kitchenware, as well as laundry accessories. All these utensils can be sanitized and disinfected with the Multiwasher Healthtech.

Kitchen and laundry sets are washed in a single washing cabin, which also disinfects and dries, leaving them ready for usage. These include:

Kitchen ware

  • Pans
  • Trays
  • Plastic trolleys
  • Food delivery carts
  • Kitchen utensils

Laundry ware

  • Laundry bags
  • Laundry tools
  • Polypropylene carts
  • Transport trolleys for clean textile

Low power consumption

An optimized energy system, the MultiWasher HealthTech saves costs, energy and… the environment. It increases overall operational efficiency which means precious time, especially in an environment where minutes mean lives.

Multiwasher Healthtech features an intelligent consumption system capable of saving energy both during washing and disinfection operations. This is a new breed of washing technology that is revolutionizing the industry.

Saving water and detergent

The Multiwasher Healthtech’s efficiency allows companies to save time and resources, such as water and detergent.

  • Save water. Our equipment uses less than 2/3 of water in each washing cycle of kitchen or laundry ware, compared to other industrial washing solutions on the market;
  • Save detergent. MultiWasher HealthTech uses up to 70% less detergent to decarbonize and disinfect in each wash cycle.

Disinfecting potency

To prevent contamination risks associated with COVID-19, every company (be it in retail, hospital or food service) should clean and disinfect every surface, equipment and material.

With its innovative washing process, coupled with state-of-the-art and high-performance technology, the Multiwasher Healthtech achieves high levels of disinfection in all materials.

Thus, the handling of objects by patients, physicians and other employees does not jeopardize safety. The MultiWasher HealthTech reduces the chances of transmitting infections because it disinfects with a great level of care and precision.

Multiwasher Healthtech: safety front and center

Multiwasher Healthtech guarantees a thorough wash, every time. We designed this equipment with the vast technical experience of a team of professionals to best serve the particular needs of healthcare staff and patients. Schedule a demonstration or talk to our team.

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