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1. Could you tell us about how your career path led you to Somengil?

My arrival at Somengil was on January 2, 2010. I had worked in the automotive, banking and medical information areas, and I was at a point where I was interested in changing areas again, and since I knew Somengil, its CEO and several of my colleagues in the commercial area well, I ended up being admitted to a vacancy that arose at that time.

2. What is your vision of the meat sector in Portugal?

The meat sector in Portugal is a market with a lot of potential. Being an industry that is becoming more and more mechanized, there are plenty of opportunities for growth.

The market is also more and more aligned with environmental issues and sustainability practices, not only regarding the excessive use of resources but also regarding animal husbandry. At the European level there are already some practices related to these issues, and I think Portugal will match them.

3. Are there opportunities for growth in the washing area for the specific meat market?

Yes, without a doubt. In the meat market there are several opportunities for growth in the washing area, since many of the plants that have production have concerns related to washing. The outbreak of the pandemic also brought us other issues associated with safety and, in fact, the Multiwasher is equipment that ensures the washing and consequent disinfection of utensils, objects, plastic boxes and pallets.

4. The Multiwasher is an equipment supported by innovation. Can you tell us how your technology improves washing in the meat industry?

The Multiwasher was created to solve problems related to washing and disinfection. Because it has innovative washing technology, it can effectively manage the washing variables: water, detergent, pressure, and time.

The results are high hygiene and disinfection standards, reaching hospital level. And all this without pre-washing.

This equipment also increases flexibility of use, since it washes the vast majority of utensils used in the meat industry.

No doubt that all this helps to be more effective and efficient in the meat industry, and we are always on the lookout for new changes.

5. Can you tell us about specific cases in which Somengil has helped and improved the washing problems of clients in the meat industry?

One of the companies that I worked with and in which Somengil, in fact, was an asset is Carnes Avenida. This customer had resource problems, and by acquiring the Multiwasher, they obtained improvements due to the multi-functionality of the equipment and the efficient way it washes and disinfects all utensils. In addition, they also save on resources, their main need.

6. How do you see the future of the meat industry in Portugal and how can Multiwasher contribute to this evolution?

I think that the meat industry will become more and more automated, with very specific washing needs in terms of objects and utensils. The Multiwasher’s multi-functionality ensures these issues. I also highlight the issue of hygiene and disinfection. These will continue to be extremely relevant, so a machine like the Multiwasher with its cutting-edge technology guarantees the safety necessary for the food industry. And, were Somengil not a state-of-the-art company, we will be attentive to the needs and improve what is necessary.

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